Personal Journey

Hearing and Heeding Your Voice of Inspiration!

A True Story:

Thank God inspiration didn’t hold out for me. Had it done so, I’d still be attempting to hold off the person with the knife.

I wasn’t trying to be inspired. What I was trying to do is survive. Really attempting to save my own life. I realized that if I didn’t push the door close and hold it, then the knife in the hands of the other person would be cutting at my flesh.

Stuck in the room in the back of the home, nowhere to run, I put all my weight and strength into pressing against the door, realizing this individual wasn’t giving up. That was when it happened.

Inspiration intervened.

A voice inside me told me to put my coat on and let the person in. I took a look at my coat hanging on the peg, a big thick skiing jacket. I wondered would it bring protection?


I got my coat, still pressing hard against the door. I put it on and then the voice told me to let the person in, just a little at a time. When the time is right, the voice said to me, pull the person inside.

It sounded crazy to me, to let a person who wants to harm me come beyond the piece of wood separating us, but it’s precisely what I did, taking the knife way and holding them until it was safe to let go. Some could argue that the small voice in my mind was the voice of common sense, intuition, spirit guidance, God, or just plain cra-cra!

I think of it as the voice of inspiration. Back then, the voice of inspiration was a surprise to me. Now, it’s my best friend.

As I said at first, ‘Thank God inspiration didn’t wait for me,’ because I don’t think I’ve really been good at getting ready to hear its wise voice.

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