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Finding Inspiration Within

You can’t change a habit unless you change it with another one. The same holds true for motivation. You can’t alter how someone is motivated unless you exchange the undesirable motivation with a desirable one. You have to know whether your prospect’s motivation is a positive or negative one.

Once inspiration is recognized, you must develop on that inspiration until you construct an intense hunger in your prospects. This means that you make them take responsibility for their own lives. You make them set new goals or to go over their existing goals and their reasons for setting them. Another way to strengthen the motivational fires is to find an individual who shares the same passion as you do.

As you get ready to tap into your audience’s inspirations, ask yourself or your prospects the following questions. Once you tap into this incredible source of motivation, you can build your call to action. These questions will work for you on an individual level or they can be altered to suit your audience. I have deliberately kept these questions in the second person so you will know what it takes to tap into your own desires and inspiration.

1. You love to do what?
2. What would you do with your life if you could do anything?
3. How are you inspired?
4. What is it you want to accomplish in this life?
5. With all the world’s money, what would you want your life to be like?

As a chief motivator, you want folks to not only take action, but you also want them to make changes in their lives. There are a few other questions that need to be addressed:

To facilitate motivation and change, you must understand the answer to each of these questions. You can only facilitate change in your audience after you have answered these questions about them:

1. Are you motivated by inspiration, desperation or both?
2.Do you feel capable enough to make the necessary changes in your life?

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