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“Do you want to be inspired to aspire or do you need an aspiration to get inspired?”

The same is true for the second question. Some may argue that in order to have a serious desire to achieve something, you have to be inspired. On the other hand, some will argue that for you to be inspired, you may have to aspire first.

This is a lot like the chicken and the egg question. There is no real answer. Inspiration vs. aspiration, the best route of action is to find out how to get people inspired, rather than concentrate on which is the right answer. For some folks, inspiration aids them stay motivated and turn into an achiever.

So, how do people get inspired?

The feeling of frustration makes some seek inspiration. Some must experience unkind circumstances to generate an inspiration. This course might not be at all pleasant. But who said that the way to great success is always smooth sailing?

Let’s take for example an average earner. He/she just gets enough money to make a family survive. On his way to work, he/she can see other people not even getting three square meals a day, not having nothing to keep them warm on a cold night, basically living on a roofless shanty with paper boards as walls. He/she wants to help but can’t.

He feels helpless for he can’t do anything to change their condition. This feeling of helplessness urges him/her to promise himself/herself that his/her family will never have such poverty. This feeling of frustration motivated him/her to aspire for a better life for himself/herself and for his/her family. His/her fear that his/her family could end up like one of the financially-challenged ones makes him strongminded to do something about enhancing his financial stability. Successful people can be an efficient source of inspiration. People tend to look up to a person who has reached the top.

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