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It Is Important to Watch What You Say (Part IV)

It’s important to watch the words that come out of our mouths.

Proverbs 8:6–8 
Listen to me, for I have important things to say; I open my mouth to speak what is just. My words say what’s is true, for my mouth hates evil.  Every word I say is honorable. Not one is perverse or crooked. 

Are our lips saying what is right? It must! Is what we say wicked or true? Our words must be true! Our words have to be just, never perverse or crooked! These verses should have us thinking about what is coming out of our lips. 

Proverbs 8:13 
To fear the Lord is to hate nastiness. I hate arrogance, pride, hurtful words, and acting evil.

The Lord hates evil behavior, pride, arrogance, and perverse speech. Four things nobody wants to be accused of, though the fourth one is perverse speech. Are you getting the idea that your mouth can get you into trouble?

What comes out of the mouth can be bad or good. Pay attention to what these verses are saying to you.  A good mouth can bring forth wisdom, be a fountain of life, or be choice silver. There are times a wise person doesn’t have to say anything or just hold it like when Jesus was on trial. This is how we should be.  

On the other hand, out of a wicked mouth, we get violent words (“I should hit you in the mouth,” “I ought to slap the mess out of you,” or any type of oral threats). If you’re big or an adult talking to a child, these words can be scary and intimidating. The mouth invites hate, speaking words that show sin is there or speak only what is wicked. Our mouths can offer a great blessing, or our mouths can deliver great hurt. We truly need to stop and think before putting our mouth in gear.