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It Is Important to Watch What You Say (Part II)


Most know the lies part, but it is that refraining your tongue from the sinful talk we have an issue with. Where I used to reside, I witnessed a neighbor’s wife get angry at her hubby and what came out of her mouth was nothing but evil and lies. She would scream things about him in their front yard for everyone to hear and see that were nothing but hateful.  

Every neighbor knew precisely what was going on. Sadly, I attempted to intervene, but it didn’t matter the season, she would be in their front yard when he arrived home from work and publicly belittle him with her mouth. They ended in divorce and it was her mouth and her words that were the main cause.

Men and women can have harsh and spiteful words.

Men Too

Another thing here is that men can be just as spiteful. I will not tell you the tale but there was another couple who were having issues. This man’s wife did nothing but try to aid her hubby in being a better man, but he would not accept help from any f*****g woman (his words). I never understood why. There were strong women in the Bible and people paid attention to them. 

Again, they ended in divorce. If they went to God and altered what was coming out of their mouths, things may have been different. Our mouths can damage people, particularly loved ones. What is supposed to come out are words of understanding and words that are true.

Based on what we understand in the Word, “if it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander.” Simply put, if it is good for the male, it is good for the female. Out of our mouths, we must be expressing wisdom and expressing what is just.