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What is a Devotional? (Part II)

Make a special time for reading scripture.

What is a Devotional Reading Plan?

What is devotional? At its heart, it’s all about scripture. More vital than the words of John Piper, Oswald Chambers, or Beth Moore, God’s Word is the essential source through which we get guidance and wisdom. Devotional books can enhance your quiet time experience; however, the Bible comes first and foremost.

If you want to know the various options for reading through the Bible, one of the most common methods is the One Year Bible. It is available as a collection of daily readings or in chronological order that goes through both the Old and New Testaments every day. 

As the name suggests, this reading plan will move you through the Bible from beginning to end over the course of 12 months. Many folks can’t really say that they have read through the entire Bible. Therefore, making a plan like this part of your devotional time lets you check off a bucket list item.

Though, maybe you don’t want to pledge to the whole Bible. Perhaps a little study of a certain book or theme is more befitting. You could spend six months in Psalms or read one chapter from Proverbs every day for 31 days. Having this level of customization in your daily reading will aid you in staying excited about your devotion time. As you go through the Bible, attempt to fully engage the text by relating it to the day in which it was written. 

What options are available in devotional books? 

Practically anything you can imagine. There are some amazing books for dads and hunters and a plethora of options for women in all stages of life. Discover a book written by someone you admire or one that discusses a topic near and dear to you. Connected with your scripture reading, you have a battle plan for every day.