Self Improvement

How Volunteering Can Improve Your Life (Part V)

Volunteering gives back to your community and you make friends.

Building Community

In a world that is getting more and more individualistic as folks struggle to get financial success, the benefits of community are being lost. Volunteering is a good way of regaining this and building community, regardless if it’s in your neighborhood or abroad. It helps to create friendships as you work towards the greater good and lessens the isolation and loneliness felt by many folks in the modern world.

Social interaction is one of the top benefits of volunteering and has been shown by several studies to improve both mental and physical health. It helps to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety while improving brain functions and improving the immune system. Volunteering helps to create stronger bonds between family, friends, and coworkers as they come together to work for a cause that is bigger than themselves.

Making New Friends

This is a benefit you perhaps wouldn’t expect, but when you volunteer, you make lots of new friends. And they will probably be your friend for life! Volunteering gives you a chance to get to know like-minded individuals. Think about this: you’re spending time with folks who care about the same things that you care about, having similar values. If you have a cause that you both feel deeply about, you most likely have other things in common too.

For example, if you’re volunteering abroad to repair broken wells, not only will you meet plenty of folks who care about clean water, but you’ll also meet folks who enjoy traveling and who want to see other cultures. If you volunteer for an organization or group that plants trees in urban areas, you’re most likely to meet folks who care about conservation in the rain forest, saving trees, and who adhere to a plant-based diet.