Self Improvement

How Volunteering Can Improve Your Life (Part IV)

When you volunteer, you’ll likely gain experience and a work out.

Getting the Job You Want

Want to get your foot in the door or transition into a new field of the non-profit sector? Volunteering can aid you in making the transition to a whole new career. Volunteering experience really strengthens a resume and gives your devotion to a particular cause, making it truly beneficial for students who are at the end of their studies.

Also, it gives valuable experience for professionals, exposing them to true-world situations that an office can’t. Maybe you want more meaning in your career or doing work that gives back to others. Volunteering is a solid way to take those first steps and ensure your new career path is right for you.

Improving Your Mental and Physical Health

You already understand that physical activity is great for your heart and health. When you volunteer, you typically receive a bit of a workout. You could even get in a workout if you’re building new construction or taking part in some sort of physical labor. But there are other health benefits of volunteering. If you’re volunteering outside, you’ll also have more exposure to healthy Vitamin D from the sun.

As far as mental health goes, study after study has proven that when we aid others, we experience long-term happiness. There is extreme satisfaction to be gotten in the knowledge that you gave of yourself when nobody made you do so. You can step back and see that you made a real difference for something you really care about.

Research has shown that folks who volunteer usually have lower mortality and depression rates, not to mention greater functional ability. People who volunteered have fewer nights in the hospital” than non-volunteers. Volunteers had more stamina, better health, and lower stress levels.