General Self Improvement

Stop Anxiety from Interfering with Your Life

Anxiety doesn’t have to control you.

You have deadline pressures at the job. Your child is having issues at school. A health concern is bothering you. Suddenly, anxiety has taken over your life and you seem to be drowning in it. Anxious thoughts trigger the limbic system. The fear center in our brain and it’s on a hair-trigger. Don’t let anxiety take over your life. There are some things you can do to deal with it. Just make sure it isn’t a medical issue. If so, you should make an appointment with a medical professional.

What should you do if you’re anxious?

What can you do if you notice you’re feeling anxious? Begin by facing your anxiety. Next, try these ways to calm yourself:

Think like a firefighter. Put out the flames of anxiety with some deep, calming breaths. Breathe in and out, slowly and deeply. When you slow down your breathing, you trick your body into thinking you’re going to sleep or relaxing.

Cool down anxious thoughts. Thoughts such as “I can’t stand this,”  “This is awful!”  fuel the fire of anxiety,” Instead, focus on what you can and can’t change about the situation. Next, take steps to alter what you can and work on dealing with what you can’t.

Gain some perspective. Anxiety can come from needless worry about plenty of things that aren’t significant in the long run. Consider how this will truly impact you in five minutes, five months or five years.

Relax your system. Try some yoga stretches or use a tennis ball and rub it under your foot or behind your back. Discover gentle ways to calm your body.

Talk it out. Studies show that simply naming your feelings can aid in calming you down.  This is easier to do when you share your feelings with others.