Self Improvement

Dealing with Jealousy and Envy

Letting go of the envy or jealousy that you feel will literally make you feel better.

Whenever I feel envy or jealousy, I try to use it as an instructive tool to look inward at what precisely is being triggered by this or that person’s success or behavior. I know that sounds like a load of BS, but it’s amazing what you can find out about yourself. Oftentimes I’ll subconsciously be hiding what I truly want, so jealous or envious feelings help me see what I’m really wanting in my heart or where I might be scared to journey. What I truly want or what I should be working on.

It’s so much easier (and lighter) to wish someone well and concentrate on doing your own thing. To let go of all that doubt you may be carrying with you. It’s hard to have a life and focusing on envy and jealousy can slow you down.

When You Get Down to It

When you really thought about it, you can find a lot to be grateful for. Also, someone may be envious of you. Therefore, it’s all about perspective. The truth is we really don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s head. That carefree, beautiful friend you’re jealous of may have some deep sadness in his or her life you never considered. Life is messy and beautiful.

But what I have also noticed is when someone is just doing their thing and wishing other folks well and minding their own business, they usually attract others to their light too. Maybe that messy, carefree, beautiful, empathetic friend rubs you the wrong way because she’s triggering a deep desire or longing in yourself you’re scared to face?

We’re all figuring this out and every human being is a work-in-progress. We’ve all been there. Everyday living can be difficult and it’s okay to not have it all figured out.