Move! You’re in Your Way! (Part V)

You Rebuff to Accept Yourself Because You Think It Means Giving Up On Being More

You effectively try to police and scare yourself into being improved all under the appearance of the notion that you’re doing a good for yourself. The truth is that fear doesn’t create anything but more fear. The purpose behind something demonstrates far more intensely than the concept of what it would become ever does. That’s because the vigor put into something is the vitality that goes out, even if you hold a separate idea of the outcome you wished for in mind.

Accepting yourself as you are is the only way to become more of what you desire. Accepting yourself as you are aids you differentiate the things you really want vs. the ones you want to fix you. Accepting yourself as you are provide you space to let the natural evolution of your being rather than a perpetuating, close-off cycle of failure and control.

You Self-Sabotage Something You Want in An Effort to Pay Attention To A Part Of Your Life You’re Neglecting

I have an acquaintance who is energetically holding herself back from getting more money because more money translate to her being able to go out and do things. Going out to do things makes her see that she battles with loneliness.

We all do this in various ways to various degrees. We hold ourselves back from one part of our lives until we completely address something else that we’re ignoring. Most of the time, the things that we’re keeping ourselves from have another side and if we can address and correct the other side, we eliminate the block to doing what we desired in the first place.

You Refuse to Work on Developing Self-Control Because You Don’t Want to Deprive Yourself

If you’re at the position of believing that your desires aren’t as vital as your lasting ones you perhaps aren’t regarding yourself with all the love that you need to be. When you are truly caring for yourself, you’ll concentrate on the bigger picture.