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Move! You’re in Your Way! (Part IV)

You Maintain Detrimental Behaviors Because You Value Other Folk’s Attention Over Presence with Yourself

It’s like killing yourself just to feel a high. And the root of the issue just is not learning to be comfy with yourself. The answer to a lot of issues in life is just realizing to be content and happy being on your own. Doing that, someway, makes it conceivable for you to truly enjoy and be content with others too.

You Wait for Motivation or Inspiration To Get You To Move

Losers pause to feel motivated. Winners just get on with it no matter what. The point is: if you’re lying around waiting to feel motivated to get moving, you won’t really do it. Folks who love themselves realize that they must get going. In doing so, they’ll create energy that will give them the inspiration they were searching for. If you’re lying around feeling like you can’t get your life back on track because you don’t feel like it, well, hear this: nobody feels like it, but folks do it anyway.

You Value the Comfort Of Not Trying More Than You Do The Discomfort Of Vulnerability

The truth is that nobody feels content doing something frightening and new that has the possibility to be extremely rewarding. Though, there are some folks who let this keep them back, and some folks who don’t. Valuing over the ease of not trying over momentary vulnerability, despite seeming like it has you safe, is perhaps the biggest affront you can make to who you truly are. Learn to arrange and learn to see factually what’s best for you, what you truly want, then love yourself enough to really try to get it. Now get off your butt and get moving!