Personal Journey

Move! You’re in Your Way! (Part II)

You Trust Other Folks More Than You Trust You

If this tends to be the issue with you, you need to be very careful, because if mainly any one or two people in your social circle settle on something, you’ll probably begin to just adapt to it unwittingly, thinking that the group knows better than the individual. Which is not the truth. You don’t need a lot of facts to realize the honesty in this statement.

Trust your instinct even if you’re by yourself and the only one who does. Trust it plenty to be able to ponder other people’s opinions and match them against to what you actually feel. If you’re unsure of where your internal compass points sometimes, contemplate and ask yourself: “Show me ‘yes'” and see how your body answers. Do the same for ‘no.’

You Give Yourself Anxiety Because You Value Other People’s Comfort Over Your Own

This surely doesn’t mean that you have to be thoughtless of other people’s feelings just so you can get stuff off your chest — it’s about getting a balance and talking with purpose when there is a problem. If there’s a circumstance that’s making you uneasy, you need to tackle it. Also, you need to address it in a productive way, and that may take some preparation. In fact, it’s perhaps your inability to do so that leads to your silencing.

What creates drama of genuinely any form is an incapability to converse effectively what you think or feel would be better. So think it over before you speak your thoughts, don’t just bitch, moan, and yell about things that don’t really bring you any nearer to solving the issue, but just more into your hole of bad emotions. The bottom line is: move out of your way and get your sh*t together!