Personal Journey

Move! You’re in Your Way! (Part I)

It’s much simpler to be your own enemy than your realest friend. It often looks like a better idea. It’s safe, it makes us ready for others’ opinions and ideas. It’s effortless and obvious. Something that tends to slip past a lot of folks is that your thoughts and your ideas and your beliefs and your perceptions are forming your life, even if you’re not aware of it. Your car is on autopilot. The goal is to see that you’re the one pressing the gas. More importantly, at any point, you can decide to steer.

Loving yourself is being your own best friend, your own confidante, your own source of fulfillment, your own caretaker. It’s a difficult task to get there, and it’s something we’re usually deterred from. People would like us to buy into their idea that external joy yields real fulfillment. It keeps the consumer market and their own uncertainties alive. But it’s usually not practical. We all ultimately realize that our lives aren’t going the way we want and that it’s up to us to alter them.

Truthfully, being your own worst enemy is just another way of shouting at the world: “shout all we want, but at the end of the day, it’s nobody’s job or obligation to take care of or love us and relying on that is basically guaranteeing that at some point or another, someone else will deny us love, and we’ll be fresh out of luck.

Many folks have a lack of accountability for their life and live blaming others, justifying, seeking pretexts and even giving up their goals. They feel that the world is against them and that the adversary is outside not inside. An individual has several ways to become his own nemesis.