An Effective Mental Health Workout (Part II)

Wednesday: Give yourself permission to feel. In the West, we concentrate on masculine energy and masculinity. It’s what we praise. We tend to push talks about emotions and femininity. We mainly celebrate things we deem masculine. Wednesday is about attempting to bring those things into balance. Celebrate anything you want today and let yourself feel an assortment of emotions and discover where that takes you.

Thursday: Live like nobody is looking. This is a favorite on the list. From the second you wake up until the time you go to sleep, live your life like nobody’s looking. Situated from that pattern of thinking, you get a real carefree and authentic version of you. Don’t pay attention to the way other people are view you. When I give myself the authorization to be carefree, to just live like nobody else matters besides me, I’m free.

Friday: Practice giving & taking love. Love is taking and giving. Some folks are good at one or the other but balance can be subtle here, even if it’s better. Love isn’t giving until you’re empty and it is not taking until someone else is empty without any help from you. It is both.

Saturday: Yoga. Try yoga or go back to having some yoga time. I am a big fan of doing yoga in your living room. Saturday is all about getting out your yoga mat and returning to the body, stretching and concentrating on the breath.

Sunday: Inspirational reading. Spend at least 20 minutes reading an inspirational book. It is a great day to revitalize and begin the week off correctly. It is a good time to get in tune with yourself and how you plan to show up during the week, gathering some motivation and creating inspiration for the week ahead.