An Effective Mental Health Workout (Part I)

Over the years, I’ve seen the term self-care increase in popularity, that is, doing everyday things that nurtures your mental health. The huge amounts of information that we have been reading has only risen over the years. Too frequently it’s tragedy on a world scale that our minds just aren’t prepared to sustain.

As a survivor of depression, I can testify on how vital it is to take care of the mind and not disregard it just because

Feel good, look good!

the mind is out of sight. Self-care has turned out to be my saving grace and developing a mental health workout plan for every day of the week has kept me centered and mentally strong.

Monday: Concentrate on what you like about your body. Too often we concentrate on our anxieties with our physical body and we don’t put any attention or energy to the facts we do like about our bodies. It’s crucial to note that even though you live in your body, you’re not just your body. There is so much more to you. We put big emphasis on our body and the physical but that’s not all there is. There is so much more happening. Don’t judge your body based on anyone else.

The minute you find yourself doing so, think about those things you like about your body. Monday is all about celebrating the unique body you reside in.

Tuesday: Celebrate the self you can’t see. Say a thing that you like about other areas of your being. You may like the point that you’re a good listener, really in touch with your emotions, or that you’re a great friend.

Today, let’s not compare ourselves to anyone. Tuesday is all about praising the things that you cannot see.