Having Compassion for Those Less Fortunate (Part II)

Rekindling Compassion 

Become informed about what is happening in the world around you

It is true what they say about knowledge is power. Knowledge lets us replace erroneous beliefs, perceptions, and values with the right ones. When we are well versed, we can make better decisions. It is crucial, therefore, that we get what is happening to our friends, nation, community, state, world, and family.

Being aware of what your neighbors, family members, and friends are experiencing means engaging with them and listening to them with your heart when they come to you. On a bigger scale, paying attention to your local news provides you with a great view on what is going on in your community.

It is also vital to know the areas of the world that are war torn, where there is poverty and famine, where governments oppress and exploit people. These are the conditions that are causing big immigrations of humans. There are also areas in which climate change is making animals and humans relocate.

To be knowledgeable, you want good sources. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and National Public Radio (NPR) are reliable and credible sources of world news.

Knowledge gets you moving.

Imagine yourself in place of those who are suffering

In 1943, Psychologist Abraham Maslow introduced the now famous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in his paper “A Theory of Human Motivation”. He did so as a way of portraying the evolutionary phases of the human spirit.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs conveys that humans must meet their basic physical needs like water, food, housing, safety for themselves and family, before they can move on to higher pursuits like experiencing joy, hope, generosity, and aiding others.

What is questionable is how some people feel, even after their basic needs have been met, that others are out to steal from them. Maslow didn’t take into account that the fear of losing one’s security would have mass numbers to protect it, even if that meant stopping others from living a better life.