Having Compassion for Those Less Fortunate (Part I)

One of the best qualities we have as human beings is our ability to be bothered for those who are suffering. This is called compassion and it influences us to aid those who are going through mental, emotional, or physical pains. Compassion is the drive for kindness, love, and generosity for those who are distressed. Also, compassion has kept me from destroying someone else whether it is by words or by actions.

Sadly, in going about our daily lives, we get so engrossed with our own concerns we form blinders to people and things that are going on around us.

Measuring our importance by our material successes only further detaches us. When we decide to compare ourselves to others, we join civilization’s pecking order that puts human beings into categories of losers and winners.

They have told us over and over again that it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Those of us who consider this see others as the competition who must be defeated and outmaneuvered or they will rob us of further gain. Our chase for the new car, the biggest home, and the next promotion does a great job in desensitizing us. We learn to see the folks who are around us with the alternating prisms of hate and love.

I am familiar with this life. I lived it until I understood it was robbing me of my humanity. I had to end it.

I know that every human has the ability for good, but, like I did in the past, have lost touch with what Lincoln referred to as “the higher angels of our nature”. To rekindle the flames of our decency, we must revive the compassion that lives within us. This is how we make a better world for the next generations.