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Overcoming the Fear to Love (Part II)

Showing fear equals WEAKNESS

New Beginnings

No, showing that you are fearful shows vulnerability, which amounts to showing others that you are in fact human. When we open ourselves up to vulnerability, we forever connect with others from a visceral humanness. Leaders who aren’t afraid to say, “I don’t know,” or “I am sorry for my actions,” or “what do you think is the right solution?” are those who show great strength.

FEAR by subordinates strengthens my leadership

No, if anyone is fearful of you, they won’t be truthful about their ideas, aspirations, and thoughts. Fear corrodes leadership. It hinders enthusiasm, diminishes the overall health of relationships, and rejects an open forum. When honest thoughts and feelings are shared, you have stepped into real leadership.

FEAR in relationships draw people closer

No, in no other human dealings is fear more damaging than in our relationships. Fear stops us from asking for what we want. It weakens intimacy and leads us to living unfulfilled lives. Maybe the greatest choice for us is to let love, not fear, lead us to real connections with other people. Be fearless!

I recall my shyness as a kid, being insecure that I would be alone. It was not until I was an adult that I realized that this fear was linked to my being given up for adoption. The fear displayed in my creating a life of falsehood.  Making a safe haven where the real me was hidden became a main objective, for to open that door would exhibit me as a person to cast away, unlovable.

After unsuccessful marriages, less than pleasing professional outcomes and lethal addiction, I saw the error of my life’s journey. The change came as a consequence of slowly stripping away the fearful foundation upon which I had built my reality.