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Overcoming the Fear to Love (Part I)

Fear has stopped me from living true to myself and from taking careful risks. But fear is a vast catchall for other bad emotions. Fear is centered on future outcomes that, in some instances, don’t happen.

We tend to separate feelings of hate, jealousy, betrayal, anger, hurt, resentment, discontentment, and sadness. Yet, all are parts are of the same root cause which is fear.

This pattern of living has pulled me away from true self-expression, truthful exchanges of love and care while also reducing my leadership ability and catalyzing a life ruled more by the never-ending false ego than the gift of love in all its splendid possibilities. The result is living well below my complete capacity as a professional, father, friend, partner, lover, and husband.

In the continuum of life, on one side is fear. On the other side are compassion, understanding, and love. Fear and love don’t survive in the same room. Yet, fear can be a mighty ignition switch heading to love if one becomes aware of her/his psychic themes. As with everything in life, it includes making a choice.

Recognizing the power of fear can be freeing if one decides to recognize fear for what it is and what it isn’t. Regardless of how you look, at it, the choice involves knowing the difference between dark and light, love and fear, false and authentic.

The REAL YOU is unlovable

This isn’t true in the least bit. No, the fake you is unlovable because what you show and give to others isn’t real. Stepping into the real you is life-filling and inspiring. You are never better than when you are being you. Be brave and step into your incredible unique self. The REAL YOU is worthy of love, both receiving and giving.