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When It’s Time to Part Ways

There comes a time when you must make a determination about the significance some folks bring to your life. There are times we keep relationships and friendships according to how long we’ve known them. Sometimes fright is why we don’t part ways because we don’t want to be by ourselves. If you feel there is nothing vital keeping you connected, fear or time is not enough of a reason motive to hold on to someone who at the end of the day isn’t worth holding on to.

People grow apart and that’s totally normal. We come to understand that we want different things. When the relationship becomes a discussion all the time of someone consistently telling you that you need to leave a relationship, living situation, or job, it becomes clear that they don’t support you, listen, care, or support you. When someone is making you miserable or unhappy, it’s time to say goodbye.

Don’t stay in a toxic relationship when someone is bringing negativity to your life, making you question yourself, or demeaning you. You deserve a person who is your biggest champion throughout your journey and have faith in you more than you do in yourself. It’s not always about them know what’s going on, but just supporting you anyway.

By a certain age, we have come to know who are and what our values are. It’s exhausting when you’re in a relationship that their issues and insecurities become extra weight to bear. In the long run, you can’t stress out about their problems that you can’t fix, particularly if the problems are ones that they have brought on themselves.

It’s hard to hold on to people in life. It’s often better if things were left as just memories. Take the good times, learn from the bad and remember any relationships that have gone bad as getting you ready for the next one.