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The Company You Keep: Having Good People Around You

People have a big impact on your life. There’s a saying that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. Having said this, you should really pay attention to the folks you’re spending time around with the same train of thought you put into what you eat and how often you exercise.

Some people can be leeches. They suck out your energy and joy. Maybe some of your personal resources too. You can put having them around you in the same category as eating a platter of steak nachos on the couch.

So what make someone a good person to be around? And what are the advantages of spending time with these individuals?

Good People

Look for good people to enhance your life. They can be:

  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Family members
  • Acquaintances that frequent the same coffee shop

They are people that will encourage you to be a better person, giving you motivation to accomplish your goals, inspire you to make the necessary changes you need to be successful and applaud your success.

In the workplace, good people are incline to being very productive. They’re make schedules and stick to them and they aren’t distracted from their goals. And all this aids you to being more productive! That’s the way to do it. Let all that goodness rub off on you.

It’s crucial to note that good doesn’t mean just like you. You aren’t looking for a clone. Just someone who has your best interest at heart, even if it is vast difference from theirs. Too much of the same thing can impede growth. You want to have healthy and diverse discussions. Even if you don’t agree, you respect each other’s opinion. You should have a willingness to soak up knowledge. Different viewpoints can assist you with that.