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Feel Better About Yourself: Raising Your Self-Esteem

If you have low or no self-esteem, use the power of your beliefs and thoughts to transform how you feel about yourself. Begin with little steps.

Low self-esteem can harmfully affect practically every part of your life, such as your health, your job, and your relationships.

But you can improve your self-esteem by taking suggestions from mental health experts.


Focus on the following steps:

Identify troubling situations or conditions

  • Think about the situations or conditions that seem to shrink your self-esteem. Common triggers might include:
  • Work or school presentation
  • Crisis at home or work
  • Issue with a partner, spouse, or co-worker
  • Change in roles or life situation, like losing a job or a child leaving the nest

Become aware of thoughts and beliefs

Once you’ve detected a troubling situation, focus on your thoughts about it. This consist of what you tell yourself (self-talking) and your understanding of what the situation means. Your beliefs or thoughts could be negative, neutral, or positive. They could be based on facts or reasons, irrational, or rational. They could also be based on false ideas.

Ask yourself if these beliefs are true. Would you tell them to a friend? If you wouldn’t tell them to anyone else, don’t tell them to yourself.

Challenge negative or inaccurate thinking

Your first thoughts might not be the only way to see a situation. This means you need to test the accurateness of your thoughts. Ask yourself if your view is in harmony with logic and facts or whether other reasons for the situation might be credible.

Be aware that it can be hard to see inaccuracies in thinking. Long-held beliefs and thoughts can feel factual and normal, even though they could be perceptions or opinions.

Make time to be with folks who make you happy.┬áDon’t waste your time around folks who don’t treat you well.

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