I Say a Little Prayer for You

Do we understand the power we have accessible to us when we take our authority in prayer? Most people don’t know their authority because if they did, they would be praying a whole lot more. We would be giving up everything in order to pray. Instead of fretting about the growing evil in the world, we would be on our knees before the Almighty crying out for His help.

Regrettably, in many churches, prayer is the weakest link. It should be the toughest one because it’s the answer to God’s blessing in the spirit realm. We partner with God when we use our authority in prayer. Heartfelt repentance and authoritative intercession is key to any breakthroughs in the world. By using our authority in prayer and standing strong in God’s truth, we are partnering with Him to decide the future of the world.

We have authority in prayer to truly see our individual lives and the lives of others transform. We can pray authoritative prayers for our cities and neighborhoods. Specific things in history will happen via our intercession if we pray the way God taught us to pray. We can revolutionize nations through prayer if we elect to use this mighty weapon.

Prayer is similar to being at a tasty buffet. Visualize being at a buffet where there are several tables covered with various foods. The foods are topnotch. They are delicious and mouth-watering. Guests help themselves to the various kinds of food, as they want.

Likewise, God has given us everything if we pray. We can have all we need. Most people haven’t realized the power there lies in prayer. All we have to do is reach out in faith and ask Him to touch our lives, our cities, our nations, and our lives. When we use our authority in prayer, God answers in a commanding way.

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