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Stop Seeking Attention and Love Yourself

We’re barraged with calculating signals from the media everything else. It began decades ago with racy billboard models, magazines and ad campaigns acting on our insecurities.

With the latest rise of talent-less pop stars, reality TV, and the quick gratification of social media, attention seeking behavior has become unfortunately common.

Even though you were shielded from such influences as a child, you most likely grew up with a big list of insecurities. This is what our society is based on. The foundation may be outside of your control, but you still get to determine how vigorously you want to participate. Attention seeking behavior is harmful and it might be damaging your relationships. Here are some suggestions on how to end trying to be the center of attention.

Acknowledge Your Problem

The first step to any huge behavioral change is to admit the problem. Attention seeking behavior is usually a way of positive reinforcement and gratification. This means it is doubtful you will alter these behaviors before they result in some sort of misfortune to overshadow your positive experiences. Some folks never get to this point.

Check Your Behavior

Once you have done some meditation and note taking, try to spot yourself acting out in real time. You will find your motives are a bit simpler to see from inside the moment.

Know That Progress Will Take Time

Once you have acknowledged a problem like this and made a dedication to working on it, the most vital part is following through. This means modifying a lot of really negative habits.

Receive Therapy

Only you can outline all the connections between your innermost motivations and the ensuing behaviors. Nonetheless, it helps to seek help from an individual who has studied psychology and is skillful at aiding others through such things.

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