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Stop Looking for Approval!

Best friends always help

Looking for approval, when it is not needed, is a practice of self-rejection. You undervalue your own opinions by putting the opinions of others above them. When you are consistently seeking approval, you are saying that you aren’t able to manage your own life. You give responsibility for your life to those whose approval you want. This places your well-being and happiness in the hands of other people. To get back control of your life, you should stop looking for approval.

It takes practice, patience and effort to end seeking approval, when approval seeking has been a continuous habit.

There will forever be folks who dislike but that doesn’t mean that everybody disapproves. Instead of believing their opinion as fact, appoint ownership to them. For example, if they say that something is a bad idea, you can say ‘So, you think that it’s a bad idea?’ This lets you know that it’s only the opinion of one individual.

People will always try to influence you by stating their disapproval.  Their opinion is typically only an image of their own self-interests. Don’t be scared to point this out. “I understand that you would rather that I thought otherwise but I’m okay with my beliefs.”

It is simpler to deal with disapproval when you are positive on your own purpose for life and you are devoted to living your values.

If you wish to be healthy and happy, you have to take charge of your own life. Looking for approval does the exact opposite. It gives responsibility for your life to other folks. The result is a life complete with anxiety and worry, as you fear that others may criticize you.  If you’ve been seeking approval, it takes everything in you to alter your behavior but with the end result being a healthier and happier life.

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