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Stop Saying Yes to Everything

Are you finding yourself saying yes to everyone? Are you doing too much, so much so that every little task feels like a mental and physical drain on you? Even the ones you want to do? Then you are saying yes to everything, and not just to the things that matter.

I find myself doing this, too. There are so many demands on our time, from social media, work, friends, neighbors, chores, and your partner and children. Everything seems like a good thing and nothing gets done. So what can you do?

Yes’s are easy, but that means we are saying no to something else. When you offer help to a cause in the evening, you’re saying no to spending time with your kids. If you say yes to every project at work, you are saying no to getting home at a reasonable time. Yes’s come with commitment, responsibility, and sacrifice. Our yes’s matter.

So why do we say yes to everything? This you must figure out. Maybe it’s a fear of rejection. Or maybe you feel like if you say no, then you are being rude or rejecting the person. But remember, the task is not your responsibility until you say yes. And if you say yes to everything, you are denying someone else the opportunity for growth and to step up and be helpful.

Decide what is important to you. Pick one cause to support instead of four. It’s better to do one task extremely well instead of four tasks only partway. For your personal life, ask yourself if the task makes you happy or is satisfying. These are the things you need to do. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your home life, your spouse, or children that might really need you right now.

If you would like to gain more control over the word “no” in your life, than you need to reflect and understand that you have your responsibilities, and other people have theirs.  Saying no a little more often can be freeing!

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