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Downsizing Your Social Media

Are you finding yourself flinching every time a notification pops up on your phone? Are you feeling dragged down by constantly checking Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Is spending time on the computer starting to feel like it’s dragging you down?

Having a social media presence is almost required nowadays, it’s how friends keep in touch and events get planned. There is almost no way to keep off all social media if you want to connect with others. But there needs to be balance, because if you spend too much time in front of a screen, you miss out on what is happening right in front of you!

So how do you decided what to downsize and declutter?

  1. Clear out that friend list. When was the last time you looked through your friend lists? Go through the entire list and verify that you want each of them in your life. Are you looking to be friends with everyone? Want to have only people in there that you actually know? Just close friends and family? Decide what your goal is and pare down your list accordingly. You can also create curated lists, so that instead of getting a cluttered feed with everything, you get just the postings from the people you really want to see.
  2. If you can’t unfriend certain people, then at least unfollow them. Their updates will not show up in your feed and cause you irritation or drama. If you don’t want to see their updates, you don’t have to.
  3. Go through your groups and likes. If you’re no longer into a page or discussion group, feel free to leave it. Clean out the pages you like as well, remove anything you aren’t interested in anymore.
  4. Turn off notifications. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter fairly frequently, you really don’t need to be notified every time and friend makes an update. And if you feel like you have to check every time you get a notification, then turning this function off will ease your mind.
  5. Schedule set times to check social media. No one wants to give it up completely, but if you set designated times to check, then you always know you will get to it at some point, and won’t waste time all day long going down the rabbit hole.

Maintain a social media presence is important to most people, however you can control it instead of it controlling you. And that’s what this blog is all about!

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