How to Have a Better Morning Routine

Not everybody is a morning person, that is true. But if you frequently find yourself drowning in a list of things you never get to by the end of the day, you need to examine your productivity.

Starting tasks earlier and with a clear mind is essential to clearing your day, so you have the space for downtime, instead of chasing a to do list and never finishing anything!


So how can you improve your morning routine and get yourself on track?

  • Start the night before. Get your wardrobe together, make sure the kitchen is clean, get the coffeepot ready, pre-pack part of your lunch. These little things make a difference in the morning, you’ll get ready with more ease and not worry about forgetting anything.
  • Don’t hit snooze! This is a hard one to master, but when you hit the snooze button you’re not telling your body how to wake up properly. Keep your eyes open and start stretching your legs in bed. Then move to your arms, and sit up and stretch your back. This gets your blood moving and wakes your body up.
  • Open the window and see the light. Sunlight is a natural wake-up for your body and sets you up for the rest of the day.
  • Even if you eat a small breakfast, don’t fill up on carbs, which will metabolize fast and leave you with no energy. Instead, eat protein and maybe some whole wheat – this will give you longer lasting energy without a carbohydrate crash before lunch.
  • Stand outside for a moment and recognize the day. This will help you to pause and look around, the world is bigger than you are, and we are here for such a short time. Look around and appreciate where you are and what you have. This is a new day to live – take a deep breath and start the day with a smile.

Creating a new morning routine can be a challenge, but the rewards from being organized are big and by starting your day with optimism and a positive spirit, you can accomplish a lot!

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