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Feng Shui – Having a Calmer Home

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of creating the best placement of items in a room so that harmony and balance is achieved between the flow of chi in a room and that of the user, balancing ying and yang.

Basically this means arranging the room in such a way as to provide a feeling of balance and flow, so the room is not chaotic and unsettling. The room feels like there is a sense of purpose and clarity, that what is in the room is meaningful and balanced.


So how can we do this?

  1. Tidy and straighten. Make your bed every morning and place your pillows nicely arranged. Place your couch’s throw pillows in the appropriate places. Start the day off with a sense or order, it’s a small visual thing that places your mind at ease.
  2. Live with what you love. If an item does not make you happy, or you have no idea where is came from, or if it’s just there taking up space, let it go. Unnecessary items add to a cluttered space and don’t allow a room to flow. You want to see more counter, more wall, and more floor.
  3. Bring nature into your environment if you can. Let the sun shine in. Plants are beautiful, help clean the air, and add a sense of mother nature to a room. Open your windows on nice days and let the rooms air out, it’s surprising how we get used to stale air until there is a nice fall day and you’re able to let the breeze flow through your home. Keep your windows cracked when it rains, let the sound of nature soothe you.
  4. Claim your home as an extension of you. Hang art on the walls you love and have decorations that make you feel something. Don’t let your home become bland and unexciting, having good energy in your home will translate to you having more energy and excitement about your day.

Fill your home with the things you love, make sure there is a lot of space to breath, and live!

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